Hamilton Offers Industrial-Duty Automotive-Steer Trailers...

Hamilton, Ohio:
The Hamilton Caster & Mfg. Co. has expanded its manufacturing capabilities to include industrial-duty, automotive-steer trailers in two-wheel and four-wheel steer configurations.

Auto-steer trailers, often referred to as "knuckle-steer trailers", are an efficient and economical way to transport heavy loads of unusual size and loads having a high center of gravity. Both two-wheel and four-wheel steer models provide excellent load stability because all wheels remain underneath the load at all times, unlike some other types of trailers. The four-wheel steer model features superior turning capabilities since all four wheels turn simultaneously by way of an inter-connecting steering mechanism. A forged steel towing loop is standard at the front, and an optional pintle hitch at the rear is available for towing multiple trailers.

All trailers are "built to order" to solve specific material handling problems, and feature genuine Hamilton running gear equipped with precision tapered bearings for the rigors associated with power towing. Some common applications include warehouses, distribution centers, terminals, piers, heavy machinery transport and shipping/receiving departments of industrial manufacturing plants.




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