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Let’s recap our favorite Revolution stories of 2018

Sunday, Dec 16, 2018

The only time we look back is to see how far we’ve come.

All-new Hamilton website: Mobile-friendly. Stunning photography. A new library of spec data and performance metrics. New and improved navigation and search functionality. What’s not to love?

Everything you always wanted to know about Hamilton poly wheels: Hamilton Engineer Joe Ford dishes about the pros and cons of these gifted performance wizards.

Read this before choosing your trailer system: Our handy Hamilton white paper breaks down all the variables that affect performance and cost, including wheel arrangement, deck size and steering type, to name a few.

Our new website’s ergo data will cure your sciatica: A vast library of ergonomic data and performance metrics to make your spine tingle. Yes.

Our new live chat feature really cuts to the chase: It’s time to get all your questions answered quicker and have more confidence knowing you’re choosing the right Hamilton products on the spot.

This Hamilton High Heat Wheel can breathe fire: Learn how we designed this incendiary wheel rated up to 752 degrees to guide 50,000-pound capacity hi-temp carts into the punishing heat of an autoclave.

It’s about time we introduced our new AGV caster series: As volume for our Automated Guided Vehicle wheels and casters reached critical mass, we felt compelled to devote a pre-engineered series specifically designed for 24/7 operation. You’re welcome.

Holy hubris! We’re helping NASA fly closer to the sun: How did we do our part to put NASA’s Parker Solar Probe mission in orbit to explore the sun’s outer atmosphere? With a little help from our Extra Heavy-Duty Swivel Casters.

Thank you for being such a great audience for the stories we share. We can’t wait to bring you more juicy yarns of Hamilton progress and other tales of wonder in 2019. Have a happy and healthy holiday from all of us at Hamilton Casters.

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